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Innerprize Architecture

Innerprize Architecture is about helping others change their lives.

We work in partnership to clarify what you want, and together we remove internal obstacles.

We build you up from the inside out, so you can be your best and put your best forward in the world.



Meet Awshee, founder of Innerprize Architecture. After many years working  as an engineer, she shifted her focus and adapted her skills to a new purpose, a new way of thinking and being.

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We’re located in the Tucson area of southern Arizona.

Services are offered in-person and remotely, by Zoom video conference and/or phone.


Personal Resilience™

Personal Transformation

Personal Transformation


Take charge of your emotions. 

Personal Resilience™ services provide on-the-go tools for emotional composure in stressful and challenging times. Participants learn HeartMath© techniques from a HeartMath© Certified Trainer andCoach.

Personal Transformation

Personal Transformation

Personal Transformation


Take charge of your life.

Personal Transformation services utilize PSYCH-K® to change beliefs or “programs” that drive the undesired patterns of behavior getting in the way of living the life you desire. 


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