About Awshee

Hello! My Name is Awshee.

In 2014, I was Louise Bator, working as an Engineering Fellow in the defense industry. Over the course of a few years, I had become increasingly unsettled in my job. I started to feel like there was something else I was supposed to be doing, but didn't know what it was. When I asked a personal coach when I should leave my job, she said, “Oh, you’ll know. Believe me.” Well, she was right! In July of 2014, I arrived at work one morning and every cell in my body told me it was time. Around 9 AM I called my husband and told him I was coming home to make plans to leave my job.

I left my engineering career in September 2014. I left not because I was running away from something; I left because I was moving toward something. Exactly what, I did not know. I knew there was a different way for me to contribute my skills and energy in the world, and I had a sense that my work would be in a healing field. So, off I went.

Moving from a career in building missiles to one in a healing field involved much more than changing jobs.

So much had to change in order for me to make this shift. I found that I had to free myself from many beliefs I had acquired over the years about job roles, titles, money, values, work hours, work ethic, work/life balance, etc. It was a kind of “rewiring” of my system. I even received a new name!

As I worked through each barrier and came out the other side, I realized that what I was dealing with was not peculiar to me. The themes were universal. I saw that others will face these same issues should they want to pursue this type of change. And that I can help them through it.

I started Innerprize Architecture to help others change their lives. My work as a transformation coach draws from my own journey and the desire to share my experience for the benefit of others. I leverage my life's experiences and skills in support of this purpose.

From Enterprise to Innerprize

In my prior career, I was an electrical engineer and held roles as a system engineer and architect. Ultimately, I worked in Enterprise Architecture, which is about transforming a business idea into a working enterprise. As I contemplated my new work, the term Innerprize Architecture came up. I chuckled at how much these words sounded alike, and was delighted by the idea of transitioning from enterprise to innerprize architecture. It was perfect! Innerprize Architecture, like Enterprise Architecture, is about bringing an idea into form. With Innerprize Architecture, it’s about bringing your inner purpose into the outer world. Freeing yourself, uncovering what you are to be, and being that. Being that in a world that works for all. What an enterprise that would be! I'd love to work with you to create it.

With warm regards,