Multi-Hour Sessions

Sometimes, you just need more time to talk through something and keep the focus on it long enough to get clear. In multi-hour sessions, we’ll have time to go wide and/or deep on topics, led by the wisdom that is revealed. It’s a way to uncover a lot in a short period of calendar time.

If setting aside 3 to 6 hour chunks of time to really get clear on what you want, what’s holding you back, and getting to work on the barriers right then and there, this type of session is for you!

Suitable for:

  • those who work best in concentrated chunks of time
  • covering a lot of ground in a short period of calendar time
  • kicking-off of a broad-based transformation

$75/hour, 3-6 hour duration

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What People are Saying

“Insightful, methodical, persistent, analytical, pattern aware, inquisitive. Awshee has used all these characteristics to shift my health and well-being in a major way. And always with respect and a sense of humor.  Making changes in your life can be scary; Awshee is a perfect partner on that wild ride!” 

—  U. Conway, Business and Technology Consultant, Arizona

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