Single Session

Single sessions can be used to supplement your own self-guided change program. I’ve seen people breakthrough in a single session. They had been working an issue for a while, made some progress, then needed a new angle, a new nugget that they weren't able to find by themselves. We found that in their first session and they returned to their self-guided program at a new level.

Suitable for:

  • first-time trial of a full-session experience
  • making change in a specific/limited area
  • finding that ‘nugget’ you need for your self-directed healing work
  • a ‘tune-up’

90-120 minute session and a 10 minute follow-up phone call

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What people are saying:

“After taking a few PSYCH-K classes myself, I can whole heartedly recommend Awshee as an amazing facilitator who gets results!  After our session, I experienced a lightness that I haven’t felt in years. I’m confident that the work we’ve done will yield many positive results for the future.”   

— Sherrie M.,  Phoenix, Arizona

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